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InsideTracker_Hero-Nutrition Better Living Through Data: InsideTracker Blood Test Maps a Healthier Lifestyle Better Living Through Data: InsideTracker Blood Test Maps a Healthier Lifestyle InsideTracker wants to help you reach your health and wellness goals based on your personal data. Save 25% on your unique plan now. It starts with your blood. From there,  InsideTracker ‘s patented algorithm and system provide a comprehensive analysis, tracking biomarker data from your blood, DNA, lifestyle, and fitness. This provides you with a science-backed action plan with nutrition and fitness recommendations to help you achieve your goals. The InsideTracker platform is a guide to give you a clearer picture of what’s going on inside your body. You can even discover your body’s true biological age — your InnerAge  — and start making simple changes to help you live a longer, healthier life. For a limited time, GearJunkie readers can save 25% on the InsideTracker Essentials plan by using the discount code GEARJUNKIE25 through the link below. Take Action With the InsideTracker Essentials Plan InsideTracker was founded in 2009 by leading scientists in aging, genetics, and biometric data from MIT, Tufts, and Harvard. From these beginnings, the brand crafted its mission: “to improve the healthspan of people everywhere so they can enjoy longer, healthier lives — adding life to their years and years to their life.” To create your ultra-personalized plan, step one is to have blood drawn at a local lab, get a finger prick test with your at-home kit, or upload your existing blood test results from your doctor. From there, you’ll answer some simple lifestyle, habit, and diet questions to determine the foundation for your customized “Action Plan.” That plan includes science-backed recommendations for nutrition, fitness, and lifestyle changes based on your specific goals. The platform even includes content, recipes, and a grocery shopping list. The InsideTracker Essentials Plan will analyze twelve key biomarkers and provide personalized ranges for each biomarker to help you arrive in the optimal zone. If you’re interested in increasing the precision and personalization of your recommendations, you can add the InsideTracker DNA Kit to your Essentials plan and harness the power of both genetic potential and real-time blood data. The easy at-home DNA kit analyzes 261 genetic biomarkers to reveal insights into up to 29 different wellness traits such as weight, sleep, aging, performance, and food sensitivities. InsideTracker also offers a new iOS companion mobile app where you can integrate physiomarker data from your fitness tracker, including sleep and resting heart rate, to give you a real-time and holistic picture of your health and wellness. The Essentials Plan is a gateway into InsideTracker’s platform.

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